EXCELLENT ART(Germany)2019 – Floating Color Tones –

Floating Color Tones

Kazuko Misawa’s medium for depicting the internal and the external world is color. The artist’s impasto application gives her colors a special intensity, allowing them to shine. Phosphorescent color chorales redefine nature. It is implication rather than clear statements that describe the rare moments the artist seeks to capture in order to imbue them with the individual soul and spirit. Monet’s Water Lily Pond has obviously inspired Misawa, and yet, she has completely made this theme her own. Purposefully guiding its momentum towards a minimalist lightness, her shapes dissolve in the floating magic of color tones melting into one another. Vibrating spots of color disperse under the influence of her spontaneous, relaxed brush stroke.

Enter into ART 2019        Written by  :  Gabriele Walter